Importing Objects

You can export templates and individual objects from the Xtrad Editor which can then be re-imported.

It is possible to import scenes and models from 3rd-party applications. As the Xtrad Editor uses three.js, it only supports those types supported by thee.js.

The documentation for three.js states:

“Where possible, we recommend using glTF (GL Transmission Format). Both .GLB and .GLTF versions of the format are well supported. Because glTF is focused on runtime asset delivery, it is compact to transmit and fast to load. Features include meshes, materials, textures, skins, skeletons, morph targets, animations, lights, and cameras.”

Other types are supported, such as obj and .fbx but not all features of each type are supported.

The model to the right was imported from a .GLB file.

Model: Littlest Tokyo by Glen Fox, CC Attribution.